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The Preferred Minute Kits by company secretaries.

Stock Certificates

The Official Certificates specifying the number of shares owned by a person or a company in a corporation's stock

Corporate Seals

All Corporate Seals are engraved with the corporate name, the state of the organization and the year of organization

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Mark's Corpex is the most trusted name in Corporate Kit Manufacturing, and we have the best prices. We have been distributing Personalized Corporate Kits and Supplies all over Delaware for over 50 years. All our kits are made in the USA. We Pride ourselves on same day shipping on all orders made before 5 pm. The Delaware Corporate Kit Company - Mark's Corpex.

Effective Organization is the secret to your company's growth

Solve all your files management problems with Mark’s Corpex Corporate Kits.
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Place your order today and receive your Mark’s Corporate Kits on the same day for any orders made before 5 p.m. Mark’s Corpex is forever your companion in your journey to achieve all your business goals. With over 50 years of manufacturing Mark’s Corpex corporate kits in Delaware, you are guaranteed to receive an elegant and high-quality set for your company.
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What is an incorporated business?

Incorporating your business is what’s going to distinguish your company from sole proprietorships and partnerships. An incorporated business is a corporation that has the ability to sell its stock shares and benefit from the large sums of money investors will use to buy them. In an incorporated business, the ownership is not exclusive to the founder(s) only but is shared among all stockholders. This means that each one of them as the right to vote for the major business decisions planned to be made for your company.

Business Incorporation IS the right decision

Although there are some drawbacks to business incorporation, like higher taxes on income, for instance, the advantages incorporation can bring to your business outweigh them by far.
First, your company will be considered as a legal entity. This implies that from the viewpoint of the law, your business has the possibility to make lawsuits under its own name, and take responsibility for debts, taxes, and any other actions. As the owner, you won’t be held accountable for your corporation’s debts anymore. The only potential losses you and the stockholders might have are the amounts of money invested in the company. Your house, car and any other personal properties will be safe in case the corporation’s finances were going down.
What’s the optimal way to make the best out of the benefits business incorporation brings you? Using the best kit for your legal procedures. Mark’s Corpex Corporate Kit Delaware is the top corporate kit to maintain all your legal documents in order. You never know when you will need them. Place your order before 5 p.m and receive your Mark’s Corpex corporate kit today. Our same-day shipping is made especially for you

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For over 50 years, companies with different sizes from diverse industries have been trusting us with their personalized corporate kits, and they were never disappointed. Get yours today and enjoy the refined quality of our unmatched Mark’s Corpex Corporate Kits in Delaware.

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The power of Mark’s Corpex Corporate Kits:
What we are introducing you to here is not a regular set of corporate kits that you can find somewhere else. When we say that Mark’s Corpex Corporate Kits in Delaware are the perfect deal in the market, we mean every word of it. We have been serving every company in Delaware and across the United States for over 50 years, providing corporate kits with the highest quality and finest beauty. Mark’s Corpex Corporate Kits are the missing piece your desk needs.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Mark’s Corpex Kit?

Mark’s Corpex corporate kit is the ideal set for your company. If
you are looking for functionality and beauty, then Mark’s Corpex
is the one for you. Our deluxe corporate kit will maintain your legal records in the right order while giving a touch of sophistication to your desk.

What is the delivery turnaround for each order?

We value your time as much as you do. Hence, we offer the same-day shipping for any order placed before 5 p.m. in Delaware.
What does Mark’s Corpex Corporate Kit Delaware include?
Mark’s Corpex Corporate kit is jam-packed with every element
necessary for documents organization.

In our corporate kit, you will find:

  • A Binder with our gold embossed detailing.
  • Preprinted minutes, legal forms and bylaws ready for use.
  • Tailor-made Corporate Seal to mark your Kit.
  • 20 personalized and printed Stock Certificates.
  • A Transfer Ledger to track your equity.
  • Special Forms Section
  • Specialized Index Dividers to arrange smoothly keep your documents arranged.

Our experts are always available to answer all your questions